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Library of Laws (in chronological order)

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    Library of Laws (in chronological order)

    1.Employees Index Edict – National Database for female workforce

    2.Respect for Female Needs Act – Employers can treat females differently

    3.Motherhood Protection Act – Restriction on abortions

    4.Gender separated learning

    5.Job Retraining Initiative – Support for unemployed females only with proper dress code

    6.Women’s Health Act – improved “hysteria” – treatment

    7.Public Decency Act - prevent indecent feminine behaviour

    8.Harlotry Control Act – Registration of prostitutes

    9.Remove child support/social security for single mothers

    10.Sanctity of Marriage Act – Males are Head of Households, restriction on divorces, abolishment of spousal rape & domestic violence

    11.School uniforms

    12.Lady Blue Initiative – Feminine uniforms for all female public employees

    13.Female Needs Review – Exclusion of females from juries, sexual harassment = frivolous litigation, different pay scales sanctioned

    14.Educational Reform Ordinance – Supplement secondary education for females to “marriage marketable” skills

    15.Ornical” Infusion into drinking water

    16.Operation “Guardian Angel” – Random checks on females in public for indecency/prostitution

    17.Foster homesforWayward Girls

    18.Medical Board Review – Female Doctors are reduced to nurses

    19.Only traditional school curriculum for females

    20.Sanctity of Marriage Act Review – Corporal Punishment is not domestic violence, Wifes cannot own property/make contracts

    21.Corporal discipline at schools

    22.Feminine Purity Decree – Mandatory chastity belts for menstruating women

    23.Women’s Health Act Review – Secretarial control drugs sanctioned, hospitalisation sanctioned

    24.Protection of Womenhood Act – No-go areas, curfews, media censorship

    25.Introduce Female Welfare Office Act

    26.Operation “Running Rabbit” – Random checks on females in public for curfew/zoning violations

    27.Assembly Reform Act – Women lose the right to vote

    28.Fairer Sex Amendment – Women have “minor” status and are under the responsibility of male relatives
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    My women wear seamed stockings and heels - whether they like it or not! Although wetlook leggings are also fine...

    Here is something from 19th century England that speaks directly to 10 & 20.

    (13) In 1891 Emmeline Pethick-Lawrence began work as a social worker in a working-class area of London. She wrote about her experiences in her book My Part in a Changing World.

    There was a particular point of view with regard to wife-beating. A friend of mine was once walking along the street and she passed a woman with a black eye. At the same time two other women passed, and one of them remarked: "Well, all I can say is, she is a lucky woman to have a husband to take that trouble with her." Another woman who had gone through a similar experience remarked: "Well, it ain't pleasant to be knocked about, but the making-up is lovely."

    Great list, good work. I always enjoy your efforts.


    • peterjones
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      Editing a comment
      Thank you - but I can't take all the credit here: The list was mainly compiled fro SOTU, put in a logical order and fleshed out a bit. Anyway I'm happy that you enjoy my humble contributions.
      I fear that if act 10 & 20 were ever passed, we would indeed move society back to Victorian/Edwardian times... for good and bad. Thanks for posting that quote.