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  • RNG & the redux

    RNG was always twisted in this game. Stats don't seem to mean a thing. Just dl'd the redux to see if there's anything new & whatnot & I swear, 2 plays thru the first week have netted me ZERO successes with "ask" despite spending the first 3 days building up my stats in town before even talking to the wife.
    Absolutely unplayable without a labotomy. I appreciate the work you put into your games, but a game is supposed to be fun after all.
    The older version told you min stats to have success as well as the option to use dominance to "tell". Now dominance is a dead stat since you have to "tap" to tell.
    Wondering if you have a link to the older version?

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    Sorry you're having issues-- I'll have a look for earlier edition
    Always working behind the scenes


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      krakr - I don't know if it'd be helpful at all, but similar to Celesta U I've always found it helpful that if the 'Ask' failed the first time to avoid it for a number of turns and target others things. I don't know if its confirmation or recency bias but repeatedly clicking on the same item seems to give the same response at least within a short window of time.
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        This is definitely an issue with the software. If you attempt the same action multiple times in a row, it is very likely to keep producing the same result regardless of probability. This was a problem for me in Spoils of War; I'd get to the final target with plenty of time to spare, attack it multiple times, fail every time (sometimes 15-20 times in a row) and lose the game.


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          What is a bug to some is a feature to others... it makes sense to me that if your ask failed the first time in a week trying again right away would fail... after all, she just turned you down! Also, my experience tallies with Esclavage's… if I came back in a later week the ask could succeed.