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    Ideas for the game map

    While this is technically not a (scene/idea/dialogue/etc), i think that, given we are CONTRACTING a map for this game, it's important to chime in on what we would all like to see, preferably before the map gets made (for all i know, it might be too late XP).

    Setting: Personally, i don't really mind the setting too much, one thing i would like to see would be a Kyrat-like state in terms of geography; i.e. it's a landlocked, high-altitude country blocked from the rest of the world by mountainous ridges. I feel this will help contrast it with the country of SotU (which was a sea-facing country) and feed into the sense of "claustrophia" that lends itself very well "xenophobic" mindsets. Kyrat's just an example; what i'm looking for would for a country that, at a glance, feels isolated from the rest of the world.

    Regions: I expressed elsewhere the idea of "quadrants"; while this is visually expedient, it doesn't make for the most artistic of map design. I'd like to re-express more broadly; I think there should be a clear "central urban area". It wouldn't necessarily need to be in the literal center of the map, or even near it, but all other regions should have easy and ready access to it via some means.
    Around this central area, would be the 4 other types i mentioned
    a) A slum (old faith)
    b) An industrial/financial complex (wealth)
    c) An administrative block (atheist)
    d) A suburb (church)

    Flavor and landmarks: To give them personality, i've posited further that each region should reflect the faction that's dominant there. I also like the idea of the area being centered around some distinctive landmarks, preferably those that parody real ones, which i will try to give examples of e.g.

    a) The slum should be "greener", and perhaps even have a rural flair to it (cattle pens and what not). Scottish highland with a clear pocket of poverty, or the edges of rio seen from above. Major landmarks would include (1) a historic communal lodge of some description (viking longhouses, for example) and (2) Marblehenge (stonehenge parody)
    b) Industrial/Financial complex
    The industrial city helscape SC was mentioning; High security compounds, lots of concrete, looks and feels very grey. Major landmark would be the Airport and Selectower (Parody of many towers built by many megalomaniacs around the world, the pun is just too good to not make). Extra marks if the tower has a clearly visible "eye of sauron" at the top. XP.
    c) Admin block
    I'm thinking something that has an "administrative, but not industrial/commercial capital" kind of vibe. Something along the lines of D.C. (US), otawa (Canada) or ACT (Australia). Essentially, it's gonna be a mix of grey and green, and buildings will tend to be more low rise. Landmarks would be the Decagon (2! Pentagons, lmao), housing the police station hq and other admin buildings (perhaps even parliament?). Point is, it's a very "temporal" and "religiously neutral" area. Nothing that looks ostensibly like a place of worship. Perhaps it also houses the Museum landmark.
    d) Suburb
    Generic american suburbia. Umm, perhaps with a slightly more european flair. Big qualifier here would be the "Christian" vibe, with perhaps a small church every few blocks. Big landmark idea: The Pristine chapel (Sistine chapel parody) on a hilltop.
    e) Central Area
    Like Metropolis. As in, the one in Superman. With the Weekly Globe as its centerpiece. I mean, this Louis Lane NPC everyone's been talking about has to work SOMEWHERE

    Weirdness: I think each area should accommodate for "odd things" generally towards the edge of the map. E.g. An Archeological dig site in the Industrial space; this then constitutes ground for narrative disputes and what not, and a venue through which the influence of other regions could "bleed over" into others.

    With the main route to outside world being a small, out at times due to weather, airport and/or treacherous mountain pass?

    I think instead of slums, just call it rural or farm lands. It is the farm lands where populace is spread out, in small villages, whether attitudes are very traditional


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      i kind of thought of "rural/farm lands too", but SC kind of explicitly said he wanted a "bed of discontent" for the minority to breed in. That being said, i don't think those two things are mutually exclusive, now that i think about it. You could have slums on one side of the map (the side that leans on towards the city center/industrial zone, and pastures on the other end. Kind of historical sense too; most slums start off when people from the rural regions abandon their homes to chase the city lights.

    The map is in the works. Right now it is a peninsula type province, with mountains to the south, 3 bigger cities, 5 towns and numerous villages and 'hinterland' type locations. In addition, the cities and towns will all have minimaps which can be explored in different screens. These are examples of two styles the cartographer supplied that I thot worked best in general feel (they know this is NOT a a fantasy game and set in modern times)-- I have also attached my pathetic sketch attempt-- with a request for her to ignore and do what she thinks best.

    I'll come back with her updates as they come through!

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    Always working behind the scenes


      Ah so your handwriting is on par with mine. Don't fear, sir, I make million dollar decisions with my lousy handwriting.

      If we're going to put islands on this map, they need to be useful (say after obtaining transportation... an event or something). Perhaps uncovering an artifact or a hermit to assist in something.

      For the cities / regions, we'll need distinct symbols to represent them (as we should for most things), so when you are performing actions on that area, you know who you're messing with (say on an overview screen later)

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        Yep-- it is all very rough right now but the idea would be to use the map to identify loads of stuff and will be clearly marked.

        (Yes, my scrawl is childlike-- I must have ADD!)