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    Character Profiles

    So since I like throwing together profiles and the like, I thought maybe we could use a thread where we can come up with characters we have to deal with. For example:

    Name: ???
    Age: high school
    Brief profile: A troublemaker who's driven her God-fearing parents to the end of their rope, she's very much the stereotypical rebellious teen who refuses to just blindly follow the crowd. She's well read and a logical thinker, and while she identifies with her more religious parents it's more out of respect and love for them than actual belief in the system.
    Flaw/ kink: She hates being told what to do, and especially hates being told to obey without question. She's sharp and opinionated, but even once she's made up her mind a persuasive enough argument might get her to reconsider her stance.

    And see where we go from there. At the very least, any not used this time can be repurposed for other games down the line.


    Perhaps we ought to mention the character archetype as well, so people instantly get an idea of what kind of character they are? For example, the Ingenue, the Innocent, the Matron, the Skeptic, the Cynic and the like?

    So a refined version of my example would be...

    Name: ??? (the Rebel)
    Age: high school
    Brief profile: A troublemaker who's driven her God-fearing parents to the end of their rope, she's very much the stereotypical rebellious teen who refuses to just blindly follow the crowd. She's well read and a logical thinker, and while she identifies with her more religious parents it's more out of respect and love for them than actual belief in the system.
    Flaw/ kink: She hates being told what to do, and especially hates being told to obey without question. She's sharp and opinionated, but even once she's made up her mind a persuasive enough argument might get her to reconsider her stance.

    If I can suggest archetypes (of course we can have more than one of each, or add more)

    The Innocent: someone totally innocent and unaware for the darker reality outside their little circle. Unlike the Ingenue, who is pure-at-heart, the Innocent may simply need an introduction to darker passions to turn.
    The Ingenue: someone who is pure-hearted and innocent. Even when faced with unfamiliar or suspicious activity, she'll believe the best of people.
    The Matron: an older lady who is an authority figure of sorts (e.g. old blood whose family has lived in the town for generations)
    The Skeptic: someone who feels that something is just 'off' about the PC. Unlike the Cynic who is possible world-weary or experienced, the Skeptic just has a gut feeling.
    The Cynic: someone who has seen it all before, and is suspicious because of it. Unlike the Skeptic who relies on gut feelings, the Cynic's probably experienced something similar before
    The Rebel: someone who refuses to follow the crowd, either because they genuinely disagree or simply because they want to oppose others
    The Jealous: someone jealous of the PC, perhaps because of the PC's influence, or looks, or simply sees the PC as a rival to his/her authority
    The Reformed: someone with a past that they'd love to leave behind, and are willing to go to great lengths to do it.

    Naturally we can have overlap, but it couldn't hurt to have a few ideas.
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    This is always a lot of work so your idea is a good one. Anyone else have an NPC profile, please add here!
    Always working behind the scenes


      name: Jess Robinson aka "the blood hound"
      age: late 20's to early 30's
      brief profile: Jess has always had a fascination with cults, causing her to get picked on as a young girl. this is in large part due to a friend of hers having run
      to join a "faith based group" in her freshman year of collage, this group turned out to be a suicide cult and she never saw her friend again. she became a
      reporter to expose such cults, and has some moderate success. it's her persistence to get to the dirt behind these groups that has earned her the name

      as far as mechanics goes... it should be after the cult has either gained "x" amount of public awareness OR you get caught a couple of times and sent to
      jail or the like before this character pops.. and she sets herself on you to expose your group for degenerates we really are.


      • Ai Muhao
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        So she'd be opposition, then? May I suggest "Determined" or "Single-minded" as her flaw/kink, then? As in she's so determined to expose the PC's group that she's willing to go to severe lengths to do it?

      • lord syrus
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        oh yeah, "determined" would defnately be a flaw... how do you think she got the nickname "bloodhound" hehehe

      name: Katlyn Jorden
      age:mid thirties

      brief profile: Katlyn is a bottom rung detective with the FBI just dying to get her big case to get her noticed. to prove to the "boys club" that she can be taken seriously and
      get that big promotion. having made friends with a reporter, one Jess Robinson. they sometimes share tips and info in an effort to help each other get a leg up. often shrugs
      off attempts by her male counterparts to work with her on cases. determined to prove she can "do it on her own, without the help of a man" which tends to make her a
      outcast and the butt of many jokes of her male peers.


      • Jefferson
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        I like it, but I also work with someone named Jess. Can I bribe you to pick another name?

      Name: ??? (the Reformed)
      Age: 30s-40s
      Brief profile: In her youth, she was a hellion. As time went on, she settled down a long, long way from home where no one is aware of the wild youth she once had. She raised a happy family, but at the back of her mind is the small fear that someday her past may catch up to her.
      Flaw/ kink: Her greatest fear is that the people she's come to know and care about will learn about her past. She's deliberately kept it vague and no one has ever had reason to question her story, but she'll do just about anything to keep the past buried.

      Name: ??? (the Ingenue)
      Age: high school/ college
      Brief profile: All her life, she's been the perfect daughter. She's quiet, considerate and does as she's told. She's vaguely aware that the boys in town have started treating her differently, but she generally ignores the odd things they sometimes say. Her concerns, first and foremost, are looking after her family.
      Flaw/ kink: Having lived in the same small town with the same people who share the same values her entire life, her life experiences are sorely lacking when it comes to other ways of thinking.

      Name: ??? (the Skeptic)
      Age: 20s-40s
      Brief profile: Since she was young, she's always had the ability to 'feel' when something is off. This has allowed her to avoid lots of trouble over the years, but it has also made her suspicious and cynical. "Everyone has an angle", she thinks, and people who claim to do good for no reason other than to do good are especially suspicious to her.
      Flaw/ kink: While by nature suspicious, when she makes a friend or trusts someone she'll follow them come hell or high water, even if she might harbour misgivings.

      Name: ??? (the Skeptic)
      Age: college - late 20s
      Brief profile: She's wanted to be a cop all her life. She studied and worked hard, and she's read up on all sorts of cases. Being a rookie police officer means she has a lot to prove. But with all her studying and training (both official and unofficial), she thinks she's ready.
      Flaw/ kink: She's well-read but inexperienced, which means she's prone to seeing problems that aren't there. She's generally smart enough to request information before taking action, but she's had several close calls for being overzealous.


      I personally leave the names blank for any profiles I come up with because a) I'm terrible with coming up with names and b) I figure that way it'd be easier to repurpose profiles for other games.


        Nice work! We will make sure to use it all!
        Always working behind the scenes


          Using development doc NPC list, no names and some gender neutral profiles. Leaving description of looks for when photo's/drawings are found

          Angry Convict:

          Profile: A misspent youth, poor education, a lack of money, a bad temper, falling in with the wrong crowd, all many factors that perhaps led to a life of crime. (Name) crimes were all minor but the sheer number of them had led to one judge going for a long sentence to set an example. Without help, s/he will not see freedom for some time and that has made his/her temper worse, prone to fights with... well everybody.

          Flaw/route in: A person without hope or belief in something can lash out. Maybe offering that hope of more then this life will soothe the savage beast?

          Bad (for the person): Spanking: She has much to atone for and what better way then being treated like the naughty girl she is by her priest and by those who have suffered due to her temper? It certainly soothes them if not her.

          Bad 2: Nobody cares much for convicts and the warden doesn't ask too many questions what purpose you use the convict for as long as it is out of the warden's hair and the convict returns too tired for a fight. The strength and energy is certainly useful for you (could tweak depending on what the work is)

          Redemption: Nobody may care much for a convict but even so, they are impressed when a habitual criminal turns a new leaf. Fellow inmates, the prison guards and even a few visitors are impressed by the change on (name) due to discovery of your religion.


          Disillusioned Veteran:

          Profile: A decorated soldier who had joined young and with great pride in his/her country but now (living in retirement?) all s/he can see is a country divided, in decline and falling apart. This isn't what (name) fought for, this was not the future s/he had dreamed of. (Name) feels let down by the government and by society

          Flaw: When patriotism is gone and that sense of something bigger then him/herself then there is a hole to be filled.

          Redemption: That belief in country is replaced by a belief in (whatever we call the higher power/you), giving a new purpose in life. The miliatry expirence is rather useful for providing a bit of security for your followers and many comment on how much happier (name) seems to be.

          Thought: Would becoming bodyguard be too far?


          Desperate Addict:

          Profile: Once she had a respectable job but at one party, she had tasted (insert drug of choice) and quickly developed a habit. Lost all her money, been sent to rehab a few times by family and then courts but that had never worked. An attractive woman, she uses her charms to persuade others to give her some cash for something she needs but then spends in on drugs and if desperate, she offers her body for cash.

          Flaw: Strapped for cash, strapped for product, will do anything for more.

          Bad: Being able to supply (product name), it was not hard to persuade her to work the streets for her supply but only sleeping with those who follow you. It doesn't bring much money but people are willing to turn up if it means access to her for rest of week

          Redemption: Where doctors had failed, faith had succeeded. Telling her there was a higher power who wished her to get better, giving her a purpose, it had helped her break the addiction. This means a grateful family and (name) is a regular attendance at your services, her story and her looks helping draw a few more followers in.

          Unlockable with someone like violent gang member?


          Violent Gang Member:

          Profile: (Name) is someone more then willing to throw a punch to keep control of the local crime, terrorising the locals, getting into fights, being less then friendly with her clients. Small-time as lacking in planning or restraint but s/he does have faith and would bring a bit of money into your churches coffers if s/he turned to you.

          Flaw: Law is closing in and (name) would be an excellent scapegoat for the gang.

          Bad (spanking): You have, in exchange for her ill-gotten gains, agreed to help her and managed to broker an agreement with the police. Those who have been victim of her fists and clubs get to put her over their lap and the list of such people is long, her bottom is going to be feeling as if in the fires of hell for some time to come.

          Bad (nude fighting): She likes to fight so why not put it to good use? She vanishes from Pinetown but on behalf of your cult, she fights in the rising sport of nude boxing/wrestling. Unused to the nudity, she isn't winning much but people pay to see her.

          Redemption: In exchange for your protection, she persuades others, though you don't ask how, to join the church and gives you a cut of her earnings. A character reference from you and a few alibi's certainly do help.

          Bonus to some of the less illegal jobs?


          Wholesome Family:

          Profile: Every town, every parish has one family that does everything and in Grayfield, it is the (family name). Middle-class, well organized, darling children, respectable careers, well connected, any religion getting them will having a shining beacon in the town behind them and people who can help with the day-to-day running and events of the local church while your busy doing more important things

          Flaw: The father/mother has been spotted with escorts. If this got out, the scandal could do a lot of damage to the family.

          Winning them over: The family has been persuaded to attend your services and are persuading their friends to help too. A lot of middle class wealth and respectability is coming your way now.


          Confused College Student:

          Profile: If your from a small, conservative village like Lister, going to university can be a culture shock. When your a young lady who has had a sheltered upbringing suddenly seeing women romance women, being flirted with by other female students and getting strange urges, it can lead a crises of faith and of self. The family knows something is wrong and are asking the local preachers for help in soothing their beloved (name).

          Flaw: A quick trawl for her internet usage and a peek in her diary might reveal who she loves. Or give blackmail material.

          Bad: Exposing her "deviancy" to the family, you are able to seize the opportunity to persuade them that, as the only preacher who discovered her sin, only you can help her. Fitting on a chastity belt to restrain her lust and lots of personal training time seems the only way to save her soul.

          Bad: With blackmail material to hand, you are able to persuade her that the only way to prevent discovery is to marry one of her loyal followers, who might let her explore her sappich urgings for his amusement, and spread word of faith around the campus.

          Redemption (might need to depend on your cult's stance): Being a faith that welcomes those of female on female persuasion, she finds a welcoming home in your church, giving faith back to her and making her a major advocate for you among her university.

          Redemption 2: You persuade her that she is still valued by (insert higher being here) and that you can help her and help her family while keeping quiet. She joins a local order of nuns to keep away from temptation (plus chastity belt) while her family is pleased that their child has taken such vows.


          • mackaie
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            I like the honey trap but I think that would work better for crooked cop?

          • Ai Muhao
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            Hm, I'd argue that it could work just as well for the soldier (with the advantage that since it isn't her area of expertise, she's easily tricked into it by the player character). How about, "Her desperate need to feel like a part of something makes her a willing plaything," instead, then?

          • mackaie
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            Yes I think that works wonders for her

            For the cop " "Faced with the sack, she gratefully accepts a new job. After undergoing intensive training so she can help lure "criminals" into compromising situations, not realizing that these criminals are your foes. Or that she's also a reward for your loyalists."

          I need an idea for a "bad" option for veteran soldier if anyone has anything.

          I'm aware I'm not a strong writer and I'm aware my mind goes to light punishments rather the dark ones so please feel free to add punishments, redemptions or rewrite anything.

          Cruel Biker: I'm assuming a gang figure here? Want to double check the plan for this one?


          Toady Politician:

          Profiles: (Name) is the sort of politician that brings a bad name to all, lazy, incompetent, self-interested, his/her main skill is to suck up to those of influence or possible influence to further his/her own middling career and damn the interests of the people. Those contacts however could prove useful for your cult and having a politician on your side does bring a certain respectability.

          Flaw: Some of the contacts turn out to raise questions of undue influence and even of being compromised by foreign powers. If this ever got out...

          Bad (1): Nobody in politics or even her contacts had ever really liked (name) but they do appreciate her using her body to help garner support for them and your cult.

          Bad (2): How best to redeem the arrogance and greed of a politician. Maybe a public penance of forced nudity before all her people?

          Redemption: Being seen by the press and the people together regularly serves both your interests, (name) claims religious support and influence to bring to bear, you get a political tool and respectability.


          Cynical Patrician:

          Profile: (name) is from the oldest family in Cosmpolis and though the family is not as rich as it once was, the name still means something. He has seen the decline of the city, he has seen politicians and faith-leaders of all kinds all promise to restore the city to it's former glory but none have managed it. Why would you be any different?

          Flaws: He remembers the days the days of glory, he remembers the days of traditional values. Perhaps deep inside, that part of him wants to be reached?

          Redemption: His throwing a ball for you has caught the attention of people across the city, opening doors for you and his donations certainly don't hurt.


          Crooked Cop:

          Profile: Everyone in Grayfield knows that if you need to get out of trouble, slip (Name) a bribe. If you want to run a business without false allegations destroying your life, also pay her a bribe. (Name) has her finger in a lot of pies and can make your people's lives hell with her harassment.

          Flaws: Has gotten arrogant and greedy to the point of annoying her fellow cops, who might be willing to hand over damaging evidence.

          Bad: Well she remains a cop in uniform but only till the music starts and she has to slowly strip off her old identity to the joy of former collegues and former victims.

          Redemption: If money is the route of all evil, it is best her money goes straight to the church and she begins patrolling the streets for (higher power). Her new behaviour is certainly attracting attention from a grateful people.


            Let me give Veteran Soldier a shot.

            Veteran Soldier (bitter)

            Profile: Having served her country loyally for several tours of duty, (name) has returned to a country that seems to have abandoned those who sacrificed to defend it. Bitterness over how the government and people seem to have forgotten her comrades has left her bitter and angry at what feels like a betrayal most foul. Things need to be put right, and if that means cracking some skulls then so be it.

            Flaws: Chain of command is very important to her, and she much prefers someone else to do the heavy thinking. (Name) is happiest acting as a weapon to be aimed and unleashed.

            Bad 1: Sometime soldiers have to do very dirty things to accomplish their missions. If it takes her sacrificing her body and dignity to get the information you need, she'll make that sacrifice. It'll be worth it in the end.

            Bad 2: Shame is a powerful motivator, and the idea of what she's had to do being uncovered makes her extremely malleable to your needs.

            Redemption: Her patriotic fervor is infectious, and few people are most passionate defenders for your cause.


            Veteran Soldier (optimistic)

            Profile: (name) believes that people are inherently good but easily led astray. What they need is a strong guiding hand, and she's willing to act as the iron fist that hand sometimes needs to be. Lost and looking for a purpose, she found it in the military. Now she believes that what the nation needs is someone willing to apply that same discipline to everyone else.

            Flaws: She has absolute trust in her superiors, believing that their burden is heavier than hers. She can justify a lot by "It had to be done."

            Bad 1: In war, bad things are sometimes necessary. If luring an enemy into a vulnerable state requires her to act as bait, she'll do whatever she has to, even offering herself up.

            Bad 2: Broken, betrayed and discarded, she has nothing left but act as your mindless drone.

            Redemption: Her passion and honest belief make her incredibly persuasive.
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            • mackaie
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              Very good Ai. Particularly the trust in superior angles, the two very different profiles giving options. Really like Bad 1 for Veteran Solider

            Sorry Ai Muhao, only just saw your post and in rush right now, I owe you a reply tomorrow. If you don't get one, give me a kick

            Cruel Biker:
            Profile: Perhaps it was the quietness of the village of Beleville, perhaps it was the lack of strong law-enforcment but nobody had expected the city to be plagued by a biker. (Name) isn't so much part of a gang but someone out for thrills, speeding dangerously through the streets, taking what s/he wants, panting people as she passes. Nobody dares stand up to her/him and s/he knows it.

            Flaw: S/he has to get her bike turned up somewhere, perhaps if one tracked down the mechanic who s/he bullies and see if he can turn on her.

            Bad: She will long for speed but her bike has been fixed to go slowly and the courts have ordered her to ride in the nude. She also has to do naked advertising and events as part of her community order. Every villagers enjoys seeing her ride along now.

            Redemption: Blackmaled and baptised, her speed is used for church deliveries, her looks and new outfit to impress the followers or potential followers.


            Grim Judge (maybe some bonus when dealing with civil authorities?)

            Profile: Geoffrey is the pillar of local law, knows the laws, known for being in-corrupt, scrupulously fair in his handling of trials but he is also known for being hard-line. If one is found guilty, expect no mercy from his judgements. Many have been sentenced to death//life imprisonment under his stern and forbidding eye, even lawyers will admit to being afraid of ever facing him.

            Flaw: After such a long career, is it not human to wonder if one or two had been unjustly sentenced? Maybe the right confessor could earn his gratitude

            Redemption: Having a respected judge among your parishioners certainly adds prestige and authority to your reputation. Having his legal advice and contacts among the courts might also prove handy.


            International Lawyer

            Profile: A legal hotshot who had quickly risen through the system while her money and good looks had secured her plenty of press attention. Now she isn't often seen in the courts of Cosmopolis but on retainer for the biggest companies in the land while being interviewed or attending conferences around the world.

            Flaw: All that travel has taken it's toll and she is using drugs to keep her awake to the point where she is addicted/Looking through some of her old cases, it does seem she may have thrown her clients under the bus in exchange for promotion.

            Bad: Her secret exposed, she is quickly dismissed by her employers, frozen out by the legal system/barred from practising law, with her money burnt through trying to fight this, she has no home and she has become desperate. The church offers a home and she is at least still giving legal advice to her clients, that is after they have had some time with her body.

            Redemption: She has decided to end her travels and to live a simpler life, helping charity cases and your church in legal matters. Sending her to "help" those whose favour you might need is certainly earning the church some credit.


              I love this grab bag of characters. Maybe not all useful in the end game (perhaps too many to choose from), but this definitely stirs the writing juices.

              Avatar: Kloe Kane


              • Ai Muhao
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                Well, the idea was that any we don't use this time could be used for other games later on, or even tweaked and reused. For example, nearly all of these could be used in a hypothetical SOW2 (and in fact, many of these were ideas I had for a SOW sequel).

              Unreliable Prostitute

              Profile: In the village of Tollham walks an attractive figure every night, (name) working the streets in exchange for a quick buck. Experienced in the bedroom and with a knowledge of how to please her clients, she is a figure who might be in need of salvation.

              Flaw: Has been known to not turn up when she should and to leave work early having got a client worked up, leaving some annoyed paymasters.

              Bad: Persuading her superiors to let her come into the church, (name) now works in a brothel under a strict Madame who won't let her bunk off for the night. The Madam will however let you use (name) for church purposes.

              Bad (2): Brought under your care, her skills are not wasted. There are plenty who would happily contribute to church for some time with her or husbands who are grateful to get their sexual frustrations sorted by the church.

              Bad (3): To "redeem" her, you have put her in a chastity belt so she can no longer give into her wanton lusts. To prove she is safe for men to be around, she has to show her chastity belt (and more) whenever asked.

              Redemption: Baptised and given a fresh start under firm direction, she has become a reliable member of the parish and if her flirting happens to attract more people to the church, does not (higher power) work in mysterious ways?


              Passive Bureaucrat: Really can't think of anything punishing or strong with this

              Profile: Every place needs one, few love them. (Name) works in the local government of Midbridge, keepings the wheels of the town moving by lots of paperwork. (Name) has avoided taking any stance on matters of politics, policy or the religious matters of the day, just doing the day to day drudgery.

              Flaw: (Name) doesn't care enough to ally with anyone but some of his/her social media use might cost him/her the job and that s/he might care about.

              Redemption: Having someone in the church who can give a hand with things like permits, zoning laws and to keep an eye on the authorities has plenty of use.


              Defrocked Priest:

              Profile: Hanging around the places of worship in Koller is their former priest (Name). A man/lady who once commanded the flock with force of personality and faith till an unknown scandal saw him/her lose his/her position. Now s/he hangs around, making a nuisance of him/herself by disrupting services and trying to lure your flock away.

              Flaw: Inquires suggest s/he stole from the parish to fund a drug habit. If this got out, who would follow (name)?

              Bad: To break her power, the church has revealed the crime and asserts it's authority. A public nude whipping and a chastity belt to signify her new status.

              Redemption: (Name) will offer his/her services to you, s/he may not be able to preach but knowledge of scripture, pull on the locals, an understanding of what a church needs, it makes for a useful helper.


              Fugitive Doctor:

              Profile: Everyone in Miffton knows to go to Dr (name) if you have a medical problem that you might not want the authorities to know about. It is not just the criminals that make use of the good doctor's services, those where their... injuries are somewhat embarrassing seek his/her medical opinion.

              Flaw: Turns out s/he was stripped of her medical license for selling drugs, that is why (name) has been forced to do less then legal medical work

              Bad: With her/his medical license revoked, it is not safe for (name) to actually practise medicine. However former clients are rather happy to play Doctors and Nurses with her/him in a very different way.

              Redemption: Serving the church means a safe home, away from criminal elements and protection from the law as the good doctor practises medicine. Indeed s/he is now your own personal doctor who sees to your every need.


                Not sure what is meant by edgy drifter.

                Ignored Actress:

                Profile: It took a few moments but you realize you had seen (name) in kids shows and even a few commercials in the past. She is an attractive young women now, still treading the boards and smiling for her fans.

                Flaw: She hasn't been on screen for some time and she is struggling to get work, something that can weaken the faith of many a person.

                Bad: (Name) no longer has an agent, any casting calls and the only time she follows her acting dream is acting delighted as she sleeps with yet another client who like a bit of fame in their bedroom.

                Redemption: With the churches contacts, she has been getting parts again and getting the plaudits. A charming advocate and star for your church, bringing interest and fans to your doors.


                Failed Singer:

                Profile: (Name) is from a wealthy family and is often seen at local talent contests and the bars of Harmony City, singing on stage. She has a decent voice but she more draws attention due to her looks then her vocal ability.

                Flaw: Her family money is running out and she still hasn't landed a real paying gig.

                Bad: Some men like a songbird for their collection, being able to hold a tune is needed but mostly they want a pretty young plaything to warm their bed.

                Bad: It is arrogance to take the family money to continue chasing dreams that are unrealistic. Take the vanity by stripping everything away and displaying her naked to send her on a more appropriate course.

                Redemption: She may not be able to make it as a star but the church could use a good voice for it's hymns and services. Maybe working for (heavenly being) she might attract an eye or two for her talent... or for other things.


                Greedy Shop Keeper

                Profile: Pinetown doesn't have many shops but (name) owns the biggest and the best. Everybody comes here to buy the staples they need, bringing a lot of profit to the shop.

                Flaws: High prices upset customers, low wages upset stuff, pressing down on costs upsets supplies and (name) certainly doesn't spend the money for the town.

                Bad: Failure to look after others as soon everyone turn on (name), the church helping manipulate him/her out of control of the shop. Now forced to turn ability as a sales person to other things (like selling her body).

                Bad: Greed is a sin and s/he must be punished. Stripped of wealth, the cars, the house, the clothes and forced to serve customers naked till s/he has shown enough contrition to convince the town.

                Redemption: The word of (holy being) reaches even the most greedy of hearts and (name) has changed his/her ways. Money is being donated to the town and considerable sums to the local church.


                  The holier than thou preacher
                  Profile: Small town preacher who slightly mimics the footloose preacher except for different reasons. This middle aged gentleman reject everything new he sees coming to his town, namely sex drugs and rock and roll. He is especially adamant that parents take a firm hand with teenaged daughters and he generally is more harsh in his advice the closer she is to 13/14.

                  Flaws: This holy man has a wandering eye that wants to follow anything in a skirt but his obsession is petite 13 year old girls. He struggles daily with this obsession and believes that some of these teens are an evil that is there simply to bring about his downfall and as such he does everything he can to punish them before they can tempt him.

                  Bad: He thinks nothing of telling a parent that they should throw their teen girl out of the house for smoking dope and dressing "like a slut"

                  Bad: he frequently dreams of administering spankings to young girls in his parish and as of yet he has not strayed in any way, there have been a few long services while he allows a "situation" behind the pulpit to calm down a bit and not shock the good town folk with his arousal.

                  Redemption: There will be no redemption for the preacher as he believes the temptation is a burden that he must bear and simply a way of proving his devotion to the church. He believes his tempters are the devils work and while they are not necessarily evil, they knowingly try to lure him off the straight and narrow and into sin. The one redeeming trait is that the preacher is too devote a believer to ever give in to anyone of his current obsessions but he does have a type and he would struggle mightily against an 18 y o of the same size.

                  I must confess to not being fully aware of what exactly this project is all about as I have been away from the office for a while but it is nice to drop by and see that people are still hard at work keeping the doors open and the business running. I hope this profile is in line with the concept you are working on. Will look around more and see if I can find the original post for this project.


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                    I like the general idea bar his flaw being underage girls.