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The big book of CoS

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    The big book of CoS

    Yo dawg, i heard people on the forum have been getting out a lot of content lately, so I made some of my own so you can read while reading.

    What's this about?

    Essentially, this is a document that kind of ties together the bits and pieces of propositions i've put here and there. It's not a recap document per se; if you want to get the most out of it, you'll see need to refer to the relevant thread, but it's a good place to start if you want a solid rundown of how i envision the game.

    That being said, do note that this is how I (ME) envision the game. This document does not bind selecta in any way shape or form. That being said, if you know SC, you'll also know that if he can't come up with a way to do something, and someone proposes something serviceable, he tends to just go with that. So while this does not definitely represent the end-CoS product, if you don't provide your own feedback, there's a decent chance it ends up becoming just that.

    Happy reading

    Wow-- can't wait to read you opus! DLing now-- much respect due to you LW!
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      Interesting read. I plan to comment tomorrow when my tired brain isn't feeling so foggy!


        OK, I've had a chance to peruse (I'm sure I will have to re-read a few times-- you pack so much in!) and have no issues with anything you've suggested. I think the PC/Follower points needs to be worked out. I like the chain event as a way to provide a longer scale feel of involvement. I used it first in CR and thot it might be a pain in the ass but players seemed to like it-- perhaps because the chain event is really about investment as a PC in the game.

        I think populating the world will be interesting and I liked your evidence board treatment and want to see how that builds out.

        Once we have a map, I'll put together a prototype so we can really start to launch on this. I anticipate this will be within the week.
        Always working behind the scenes


          Nice promo

          I like the idea of global events that impact not just you and may change your plans, I like the idea of "the more power you get, the easier it gets" as long as balance is right I like giving buildings a little narrative and I assumed we would have a little regional bio like Sou. Do we have the amount of writers for the amount of writing for small events your thinking of? A chain of events for major figures/items would be fun (I'm not a big strategy game man but I play Total War Warhammer for the quest lines so might be biased). I like the sound of the stats system the way influence gets hit if your gamble fails you and you get into trouble. Interesting idea with followers and PC which does make narrative sense and that you are the big gun so have to be used more carefully then your followers but also that it has impact. That your PC has to do the big events and some of the bigger (why would so and so meet your acolytes rather then you given her station sort of thing)/harder NPC's. Certain NPC's providing bonuses to shrine (if you recruit a gangster, that is not goingto have same impact as a nurse for the shrine) is a feature I would like to see so yes please on that, makes sense for charisma to not be something one can get per turn.

          So the questions:

          I'm wondering, when a player is about to make a big narrative choice rather then a minor cosmetic one, how/ if we should make clear that this decision will really matter (particularly first time they get a major choice)? May just be something in the narrative that hints this will have a major impact on the followers for example.

          What kind of penalty are you thinking for turning wealth into another stat?

          With the really lower level NPC's (rather then ones with quest lines), is it going to be a "normal picture, a sexier recruited picture, send to shrine for aiding in tasks" as limit to interaction? Unless that NPC has chance for a minor event. I liked in Sou that one had a slight choice what to do with them on a personal level but might not work here?
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            Let's see how we go-- the NPCs are always tough to balance right. I'm thinking the special NPCs are worth concentrating on and allow the majority to be labelled but otherwise drone like to a degree.