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Premier Neuman 2.0?

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    Premier Neuman 2.0?

    While I still don't understand the general infatuation with SotU's premier (I suspect it's the chin), I think that the possibility of having a Premier Neuman LIKE antagonist has been brought up enough times it bears discussion in its own right. This isn't a mechanical or a narrative proposal, btw, just a discussion of what that NPC would be like, and what functions (if any) it would perform in the game.

    First of all, i don't think this NPC should be the "prize", either in the S2S, or the SotU sense
    Many a post has already been made on the subject, but generally speaking , people have clearly expressed they expect some explicit T&A out of their models. On the flip side though, a lot of people have really spoken out for the layer of depth that a well acted antagonist can add to the game... so i would propose to not be greedy;
    Let adult models do adult modelling (very limited acting, emphasis is on sex pay-off) and let someone with decent acting skills (negotiate with a freelance semi-professional webcam-person of some description) do that part.

    What do i envision this antagonist doing narratively?
    Narrative, this would be tied to w/e event that happens at the turn limit. Looking at modern politics for reference, I see her as a far-rightish, anti-establishment (secular AND non-secular), pseudo-feministic Lepen-esque figure that will, like you, be a fringe member of the political landscape, but will come out of nowhere to win the elections at the end of the turn limit. Major events will include the poll leader for aforementioned election being ousted by a scandal, making her the surprise winner of the election (again, mirroring french politics right the fuck now)
    WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT - you mean we could LITERALLY be looking at Claire except before she was elected in SotU?
    Well, if you can't get enough of DAT CHIN, and she's available for a reasonable price... this could be a prequel story of sorts, why not?

    What do i envision this antagonist doing mechanically?
    I don't expect her to serve any mechanical purpose except being the "face on the game-over screen" if you lose. Aside from this, I would prefer to limit the role of this NPC as a source of audio-visual feedback for when they achieve major milestones, or adding urgency to turn limits.

    What would the scenes look like?
    For example, if you achieve the "80% of people follow the religion" win condition, you can have a scene where she says that, despite her misgivings about the PC himself, she has, like many others, awakened to the divine truth he professes, and will endeavor to see that faith takes center-stage in her government. This is really cute from a production pov; if the actress is not great, this will feel really two faced compared to initial "down with the religious bigwigs" rhetoric. If the actress is good, this will genuinely feel like she has experienced a religious revival.
    If you meet, say, the 50% mark in terms of turns, this might be her making a public showing with evidence that the current premier is corrupt (for example).

    I can see a lot of potential in this...
    I'm sure you can, you dirty chin-fetishist. Bottom line is, this NPC would be, in the words of Jefferson, someone that you fuck with, rather than fuck outright.

    I'm not sure as a prequel to Sotu (as pleased as I would be to see Neuman again) works as the church was such a minor part of that, I'm not sure it would flow smoothly that it was really religious all the time and if I recall rightly, part of the info pack at the start of games includes the religions on the island.

    If we are doing one antagonists rather then an adviser or a select group of mini antagonists, maybe the chief of police or judge? Someone in a role that is going to harass the religious figures. If a politician, maybe a "family values, plays big time on the religious card but backs the old religion" governor?

    and yes, my chin fetish is a wonder to behold.


      I'm only against ChinMaster2 because this goes against the multiple directions from the proposed multi faction concept and the desire to have more of a triple threat setup for more of a mix and match setting.


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        If you were looking for an antagonist type, what about the old intrepid girl reporter trophe? She could be working on exposing the nasty truth about your activities and there could be a sidetrack where, unless she is stopped, there is a chance she uncovers your shenanigans and reports on them, hamstringing you in some way (reducing influence, etc). Maybe she could be a prize in the form of a captive or convert?

        Sounds more appetising, if that's what you want, than a repeat of the claire feminist or what is more realistic, some heavy middle aged lesbian anglican merkelish 'bishop' of some type
        Always working behind the scenes


        • Sharkey
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          A kind of a Louis Lane annoyance. With powerful friends and backers as well. As a kind of counter balance to the SelectaCorp brand. Sounds good so far.

        • Jefferson
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          The sheer number of possibilities...

        • mackaie
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          Maybe when your small, her writings are a little mocking of an irrelevant cult, then as you grow, she becomes more antagonistic?

        The reporter concept is interesting, if for no greater reason than it's EVEN MORE ANNOYING. It has to be someone that the PC wants to get back at, and generally dislike with a passion. However, unlike S2S, where your attacks on her are personal, and SotU, where she's falling apart in the generic sense, in this one, you get to fuck with her by reshaping reality around her, so to speak. E.g. she might talk lightly about your religion at first, but once you reach the 80% follower threshold, how does she rationalize the fact that, even though she wasn't part of the religion before, she's part of it now (or at least, she needs to pretend to be?).
        Bottom line, the more "annoying" this antagonist is, the more compelling she's going to be.

        Point of discussion: To what extent should this scene be acted out? I really like the idea of setting the game in a country with a Kyrat like state of lopsided development (Far Cry 4). That would give us the creative license to go with a clip (tabloid clipping, covert picture, etc) + radio broadcast approach (because very few people have access to televisions per se). This would allow us to dig deep in terms of the sheer number AND quality of voice over clips, while still giving some good T&A. Action.
        Looking at the % of follower example, we could have the following interaction at 50-60% threshold; the visual would a tabloid clipping showing the reporter entering a temple/church of sorts; the audio would be her denying any association with the cult. At 80%, the tabloid would be the Reporter repenting from sinful ignorance and publicly embracing the faith of the people, and the radio blurb would be of her discussing the clarity that religion has brought her.


          If you wanted to go with the Reporter, I wouldn't make her a primary antagonist-- annoying and adversarial yes, but she's nowhere near the threat an anon NPC in authority would be. Therefore she becomes more of a distraction and barometer of control. Then I'd go with LW's thresholds but with different paths perhaps-- ranging from muting (being fired) to increasingly other less pleasant fates.

          If you wanted a 'companion' NPC like this, I'd suggest a well spoken model (again perhaps Ariel Anderssen-- also UI has suggested working with a Clips4Sale studio (in general) or this lady in particular:

          I know this is premature-- just food for thot
          Always working behind the scenes


          • Sharkey
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            Clips4Sale might be a tad expensive. (I'm guessing here). But in saying that the quality is also variable as well.

            Larkin Love has some good ones on C4S for example, but Rachel Raxxx I'd give a miss. Ashley Adams has some good stuff on there as well.

          • Selectacorp
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            good to know!

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            For some reason both links are sending me to another page with a nice 403 page ;-) . Just FYI. (Just there is redirect to