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Church of Selecta - A Tent Revival Story

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    [Concept] Church of Selecta - A Tent Revival Story

    This has been stewing in my mind for a time... but I forgot about it. I give Jefferson credit for jarring the memory loose.

    I figure this game should be around the quality of a basic 'grindy' game with SoW flavor.

    In the southern United States (well southeast... the southwest is quite liberal), and perhaps elsewhere, there were/are tent revivals, which are intended to bring people back to the christian faith (and money... because the dude's a great con-artist).

    In this game, you play the roving reverend, looking for sheep (women) for his flock (slave trade) while looking to make a pretty penny while prying on the faith and naivety of others. You travel from town to town preaching and taking your band of cons/thieves/bruisers and others to snatch up single women (or not...) to join you on this "crusade to a new future..." (or some other religious mumbo jumbo that I could come up with if I sit in a church and not burn instantly).

    You'll mitigate detection by lies and deception (and even bribery) to the local law enforcement (and concerned family members). The longer you stay, the more women you'll gather, but the law will have more time to see through your lies (and if you do poorly.. inform other nearby towns of your deceit). Eventually, you'll escape the heat (like a con-artist traveling salesman), by skipping town and moving on.

    You'll improve your team and your look by purchasing bigger tents (allowing you to work in larger cities), more pizzaz for the show (choir, stage, lights, orchestra, pamphlets, etc.), and hire people to assist keeping the prying eyes out (or tying up more women).

    A winning condition won't necessarily be after X turns or Y cities, but # of women & heat from law enforcement. Mitigate enough and you can retire, capture enough women and become part of Selectacorp.

    Losing? well, that should be obvious... the law (or some gun toting father/bf) ends your parade rather gruesomely.

    Potential Star Talent- It wouldn't be fun without a model or two to toy with... some main foils:
    • The hidden dom - She's your mid-game foil, turned assistant. A young sunday school teacher with a taste for discipline. If you can turn her, she'll keep your sheep worshiping you from the tip of her whip.
    • The Southern Belle -
    • The College Cheerleader
    • A mayor -
    • Sheriff Deputy -
    • and many more...
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    Aside from various FANSADOX and MOOD PICTURES stuff that plays into this, there is also “The Music Man” and “Marjo” to reference. Additionally, there are no shortages of religious nuts who feel that they both deserve and require scourging. Si I volunteer for the “Whipping Satan out of Young Women” Internship.

    Sold women could be passed off as having been sent to do missionary work.


    • MaxDS
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      Actually, I was thinking of "Leap of Faith", Broadway Musical nominated for a Tony in 2012, but "The Music Man" is deeply rooted in my theatre background, so yes.

      and Jefferson should be a named Brother if we get this one off the ground.

    I love this idea, and I'll be coming up with a biggish post later on. I have a totally different idea for the direction in which this game could go. Once again, a more character driven game in which you let the women be willing participants in their own subjugation.


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      There is always many ways to skin a cat (if you'll pardon the expression). I figure the SoW folk are itching for another shot.

      But I'd love to lay hands (ha) on a pious one.

    • Jefferson
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      Many ways to shave a pussy?

    This is an awesome idea, I'd love to hear more! I'd never considered anything remotely like this angle!


      I like the idea of using your proselytizing to mold the local women in your congregation into whatever earns you the most money. Maybe a local husband wants his wife to be more traditional, so you use your pulpit to preach about the importance of motherhood and the need for the man of the house to set the course for his family. This could lead to her quitting her job and signing her assets over to him. Or you could have the same situation, but have a step/father who wants more control over his step/daughter (You could have a girl's real father just wanting her to go back to being his sweet little angel, possibly due to her going Goth, or a Stepfather scenario with him wanting a more intimate relationship).

      Or maybe you have some Selectacorp clients lined up, each with their own particular tastes. You'd have to balance your end goals with what you preach each week, as your main sermons would affect all the women who come, while one on one sessions would only effect a single target.


        I have an idea for the corrupting of the group, you could use communion as a way of delivering a drug of some sort to the entire group or you could hand out select doses to your targets.