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A few words from the friendly assistant forum administrator.

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    A few words from the friendly assistant forum administrator.

    This forum is very much a work in progress. I foresee spirited discussions about how it should be managed and what we should use it for. The problem with convincing my fellow board members to sign up with a professional hosting service is that the tools are meant for, well, professionals and I’m.....not on of those. We now have access to incredible powerful tools, including lots of hosting space we can use to run all sort of services, upload galleries, video run scripts and lots of other cool stuff. We also have fully featured blog functionality. We are basically running the same platform huge multinational corporations uses for their boards.

    Now we just have to figure out how to operate it.

    For now you need to be a registered user of the board to access the tropics in the published games section so if you are here to download something please do register. After you do so you will have full access to almost the entire board. Given the adult nature of the subject it is likely that much of the board will be closed off to non-registered guest in fairly short order. On the bright side it is free and easy to sign up.

    The only exception is the top secret patrons sections only and the board room. To get access to those please PM either me or selector to add you to the right group.

    Oh and just in case you are a moron: This is meant as forum for adult games featuring fetish/BDSM elements. At its core many of the games and interactive fiction are misogynistic female-control fetish fantasies. I confess to some measure of cognitive dissonance in that I find certain ideas and situations involving the subjugation of women incredibly sexy as fantasy-fulfillment my more cerebral self finds repugnant. If you don't understand why deliberately subjugating and enslaving women is a very bad idea on both ethical and utilitarian grounds and can't tell fantasy from reality please go away and never come back.

    Thank you
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    Hi ulver Good to the the forums up and running again... :-) That you for taking over (part of) the responsibilities as admin! Looking forward to further conversations with you...
    My women wear seamed stockings and heels - whether they like it or not! Although wetlook leggings are also fine...


      Greetings from your friendly neighborhood forum administrator with a quick update.

      I want to start with a special thanks to cmler for his efforts in uploading PA magazine interactive fiction and stories. It is greatly appreciated since many of the works have been rescued from oblivion - apparently not even Selecta himself had copies. I also want to extend a warm thanks to Karskorps for creating a Corporate Logo banner for the forum not to mention a crest and banner for the institute of feminology.

      Finally I want to thank everyone who has been contributing to forum discussions – all of you play a part in building a community here to help support selectacorp in his efforts. In a way it is somewhat regrettable that so much of the activity regarding the ongoing Mysteria Lane project is patrons-eyes only. If you are a patron do remember to contact me so I can upgrade your access – if I don’t get back to you within a day or so contact selectacorp but let’s bother the man as little as possible otherwise.

      For your poor benighted non-patrons I have updated the Guerilla blog at with a bit more information about what is currently under development but there is a lot more information in the patrons only section. If you want to have your pet scenarios included or even try your hand at writing bits of content this is your big chance. Personally I’m very impressed with the quality of the discussions often initially wildly disagreeing only to end up realizing on reflection that my fellow debaters were right all along. Thanks again to Esclavage for giving me good advice in how to write in-game vignettes I initially rejected and was quite unhappy about

      I have been gradually posting some of the huge backlog of interactive fiction links Selecta has provided me with. I have finished posting links to the Arcana files and will shortly begin populating the “other selectacorp files” sub forum with a variety of internal Selectacorp documents.

      At the last board meeting there was some concern about user titles included a “white slaver” designation. Personally I thought it was pretty tongue in cheek – I always imagined that an actual white slaver organization would be somewhat more circumspect – but in these post 9-11 times with ISIS running an actual sex-slave economy we all agreed it is better to be safe than sorry. User titles are now simply vanilla ranks. Higher level patrons should still be able to change their user title to whatever they want. If you can’t for some reason send me a message and I’ll check your user rights.

      Also since many of us like to check up on the forum at work I will strive to avoid pornographic images whenever possible in illustrating content. This is an adult content forum so there is no actual ban on adult content but let’s all use illustrations that will not embarrass anyone at the office when feasible.

      Once again thanks for frequenting the forum – and do tell all your kinky friends about Selecta and his games so he doesn’t have to waste any more time on his day job and can afford to hire models to create custom content for future games.
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        Ask not what you can do for your forum administrator but what your forum administrator can do for you.

        So what can I do to (or is that for?) my fellow forum members?

        I believe I have finally completed posting the links to all the Selactacorp materials I originally received when we set up this forum. My apologies for taking so long but better late I have also been experimenting a bit with the blog feature here:

        Start with this post

        I confess I don’t really like the way blogs are presented so I may experiment a bit with various styles to see if I can find a blog style I like. The blog consist of the Meta-story originally published on the Selectacorp tumbler blog. I thought it was rather cleverly done and it would be a shame to lose the back-story so I copied it from the tumbler to a blog here. It has unrestricted access so perhaps it can be used to introduce Selectacorp to new readers the way it was written to do?

        Anything else I can do for you forum users? I was thinking of opening a new forum section for the Bangkok Slaver Stories since they do represent an earlier incarnation of selectacorp. Any interest? Anyone feels there are elements missing from this forum?
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          Greetings from your assistant administrator at the SelectaCorp forum administration office. We can’t all be hot-shot white slaver operatives can’t? Some of us has to do the boring paperwork you know.

          It has been almost two months since our proboard got taken down under their “we own the board and can take it down for any damn reason we please” terms of service. Having learned our lesson this board is run with a hosting service under teams of service that make it clear that SelectaCorp owns the board and all content on it as well as ensuring that the board will only be taken down for illegal content under an actual court order from a US court. Vbulletin also backs up the database daily and allow administrators to make a backup themselves off-site so we don’t lose data again. We really should have stayed away from a “free” solution from the start. We have recovered beyond our wildest dreams. This forum is not yet two months old and we have just hit a hundred threads with close to a thousand posts and are now sufficiently happy with the service that we have switched to a yearly payment plan for it. In addition I’m happy to announce that SelectaCorp has just purchased the domain name. That’s right we are now officially – how cool is that?

          The board is here to stay is what I’m saying.

          There are a few housekeeping matters.

          I would ask anyone who hasn’t done so yet to vote in the “How did you learn of SelectaCorp?” poll at It could actually be useful information in planning an outreach strategy and figuring out what works and what doesn’t in terms of making the potential audience aware of our existence. So far we seem to have learned that we don’t get many (or any?) drop-ins from other users. Incidentally I have found that the majority of users voting in the “would you vote in a poll?” test poll are indeed willing to vote in a poll. You guys see how such polls can provide real insight into user behavior?

          There have been a few questions about what sort of images it is OK to post in the forum and use in your avatar. Neither Selecta himself nor the board of directors had actually considered it

          Formal detailed rules is for those other people. We make our own rules and we accept everything except poor taste. Is it OK to use naked spankings and whatnot in your avatar? Wrong question; what you should be asking: Is this is tasteful erotica or vulgar pornography? Think of this as the lounge in a gentleman’s club where it is incumbent upon the member to demonstrate good taste. We are not back ally pimps and sex traffickers; we are the gentlemen of SelectaCorp. It is unacceptable to insult a lady with vulgarity – capture, subjugate and enslave her for sale to discerning high end clients certainly – but not insult her.

          It is our hope that such a vague a guideline will encourage some self-reflection. If the member does demonstrate an unfortunate lapse anyway, the response will be akin to the Maitre D' unilaterally changing it to something acceptable-- in the way you'd be provided a jacket and tie in order to meet dining establishment requirements

          So if your title has been changed to, say, “Assistant Clerk.” With an appropriate avatar image consider that a polite hint. Repeat or serious offenders may find (tasteful) femdom imagery accompanying a title change and be subject to the disdain of their peers.
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            Hello again from your forum administrator.

            First of all I must once again apologies for crashing the forum. I want to stress that the fault lies entirely with myself and Selectacorp for not communicating with each other and not understanding DNS records and domain name set up properly. The hosting service provided by vbulletin has been excellent with the forum being both stabile and fast as well as providing timely support.

            The good news is that now the domain is correctly configured and works as it should– we are now

            I took the unusual step of bulk mailing everyone who signed up for the forum and have accepted receiving emails from the forum administrator to inform them of the new URL. The reason is for doing so was that some members reported having trouble finding us after the change. Even so I confess it did made me feel a bit like a spammer. I sincerely hope no one was inconvenienced. We certainly don’t plan to make a habit of it but I can’t promise we will not be sending the occasional mail, say a yearly update or something along those lines. If you hate the idea of receiving the rare email you can go to user settings – account - and disable the “email from administrator” setting ensuring that the forum administrator will never email you for any reason in the future.

            Given the uptick in forum membership and traffic following the release of Mysteria Lane we have had to upgrade our subscription plan to 75 GB of monthly traffic. Guess Selectacorp is the victim of his own success here. Not that surprising when we are close to a thousand active members but it does mean a bigger bill. If you like what Selectacorp is doing you signing up as a patron would be appreciated.
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              Today is the one year anniversary for setting up the forum.

              Hard to believe – to me it seems like yesterday. I can see from the November Board meeting thread back in 2015 that Selecta had 57 patrons who pledged $649 in support monthly around the time the forum was set up. Personally I like to think the forum has played its part helping that number grow considerably over the last year.

              While the year has seen tremendous progress in the scope and ambitions of Selectacorp projects thanks to the outpouring of support the forum hasn’t seen that many changes. Mostly because I actually don’t know anything about forum administration. The only improvements I can think of is the cool patron badge and changing the domain to

              Technically we have been quite happy with the forum solution as it seems very responsive and stabile – well, except when I crash it because I don’t understood DNS records and redirect as well as I thought I did. We did increase the subscription to a 75GB traffic data plan with support which is probably more then we need. As a consequence we have decided to open up more of the forum to registered members as opposed to patrons only. We’ll let everyone peek into to development workshop of Art of the Deal this time as we seem to have plenty of bandwidth. If excessive traffic becomes an issue we’ll re-evaluate but since we are paying for the bandwidth we thought we might as well use it.

              Do remember that being a director ($20) or above allows you to participate in board meetings in the senior management section were major decisions are debated. Your views there can have a major impact and re-viewing old board meeting threads is fascinating reading for anyone interested in the history of Selectacorp.

              Here is hoping next year will be as successful for Selectacorp as this one has been.
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                Here's to many more years of success!

              • peterjones
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                A toast to you, dear ulver! Thank you for your neverending patience and devotion to this board! To the next year, to all of us!

              Your friendly Forum administrator is going on vacation. Scandinavia gets very cold, dark and wet in November so I’m taking the month off to try my hand at sailing a small pleasure sailboat in warmer waters.

              Any requests for forum access will have to be addressed to Selecta during November since I’m likely to be cut off from internet access much of the time – although I expect I’ll be unable to resist the temptation to peek in from time to time.


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                Enjoy the time off! We'll try to raise some ruckus while you're gone

              • peterjones
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                Enjoy, and have a cocktail on our health! You'll surely be missed!