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Can't add girls to Jennifer Page Hall

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    Can't add girls to Jennifer Page Hall

    Please help me. Am I doing something wrong. I have control over the whole staff and I'm trying to add girls to the dorm as shown in the CU getting started video 5 @ I select on a girl but her picture never shows up on the front of Jennifer Page Hall. I'm playing Celesta University Alpha V 3.0. Any one who can confirm that the code isn't finished on this version or tell me what I am doing wrong has my sincere thanks in advance.


    Will I Breaker

    You need to get the whole campus locked down, which means all policies enacted and you also need to rehab the dorm (and have the money to do it-- 5mil).

    Latest version is here:!pMw01TpT!mxM6-Alv4...gZ9gO2ZbHmeBCI
    Always working behind the scenes


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      Is this supposed to be public ?

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I appreciate the help. I have all the policies enacted. I haven't rehabbed the dorm. Honestly I'm not sure what that is but how to do it but I'll give it the old college try. Thanks for helping me even though I'm not a patron. I'd love to be a patron but if my wife found out I was giving money so someone could develop games where the goal is to sell all the women into slavery, well needless to say that wouldn't help my marriage at all. Any suggestions on how I can become a patreon without the use of a credit card is helpful.

    thanks again,

    will i breaker


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      lol-- don't worry about it! maybe some day you'll be able to. i actually have a prepaid Visa card I keep a small amount on that allows me to cover these kind of purchases. As for the dorm rehab-- you need $5mil I think and you can buy the dorm upgrade in the 'unlock' scene for the Dean of Admissions (always check what you can do in the 'unlock' scene for all characters!)

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      wib80278 - Patreon recently began also accepting Paypal as an alternate form of payment for creators like Selectacorp so you can consider that if you want.

    Boom! Consider it done. Looking forward to being a patreon on paypal and all the perks that come with it.


      how do you build other buildings like performing arts, stadium, field, hospitality center etc.


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        Many of these require minimum $, typically on the order of millions. You can't click on them unless you have the cash (and it doesn't tell you how much you need until you have the minimum)... I do believe this has been noted for a later patch.

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