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Corporate Raider 3: Subjugation of the Corporation Download Link

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    Corporate Raider 3: Subjugation of the Corporation Download Link

    Corporate Raider 3: Subjugation of the Corporation Download Link:

    HTML5 version:

    Can also be played online at the webpage:

    Please note that links to online bonus gameplay video content does not work but this is not required for play. It's the third of three games in which you ruthlessly take over a company and institute your own very different rules, all whilst operating as an agent of SelectaCorp, a shadowy organization involved in 'human capital transfer'. You'll need to sabotage, manipulate, bribe and intimidate your way into the heart of the company, adding more female colleagues to your 'harem' as you rise up the echelons of the corporate hierarchy.

    Themes: NC, MDom, MF, MFF, FF, Humiliation, BDSM

    There are 20 characters, 50+ missions and loads of rewards, easter eggs and even a DLM module if you complete it. About 4-6 hours of gameplay. Stand alone and only requires a browser to play.
    Edit: Updated to 2016 edition. Seph has the vids embedded (109 of them) and we've fixed some loose ends. Now includes 5 new videos missing from last version (hint: one for Jen, one for Tracey, 1 for Dubai, 1 for Mumbai, 1 for Katanga):

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CR3.jpg Views:	1 Size:	57.8 KB ID:	4643Click image for larger version  Name:	CR3-1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	81.4 KB ID:	4644Click image for larger version  Name:	CR3-2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	99.4 KB ID:	4645Click image for larger version  Name:	CR3-3.jpg Views:	1 Size:	89.3 KB ID:	4646Click image for larger version  Name:	CR3-4.jpg Views:	1 Size:	78.4 KB ID:	4647Click image for larger version  Name:	CR3-5.jpg Views:	1 Size:	80.2 KB ID:	4648

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    hi, just wanted to ask if the videos are going to be fixed and if so do u know when, sorry if this was answered already not used to posting comments usually just lurk.


      Just a brief message to tell you that I really liked your Corporate games and I'm really excited reading about Mysteria Lane !

      Thanks !


        This is a fantastic game. Really hoping the bonus video content comes back; it was extremely rewarding when it was in place.


          Seconding the questions about the videos in corp raider 3. Are they going to be fixed? Quite enjoyed the games otherwise.


            Videos are on the list for an updated version!
            Always working behind the scenes


              I've been waiting to see an update on this thread and I'm glad to see an admin respond! Can't wait now. and.. back to lurking.


                Updated download link to 2016 edition for those who haven’t accessed it already as patrons.


                  I'm having a problem with getting the game to load up. Trying to start up the html version just results in a perpetual loading screen, it just spins forever. Trying to open the .exe with wine (I'm on OSX) just results in a crash. This is not a problem I've run into for any other games of similar formats, so I'm confident-ish its not a problem with the OS, but I know nothing about computers so who am I to say? It's a shame because I was really looking forward to giving this a go. Is this a common problem? Have I missed a step in setup?


                  • MaxDS
                    MaxDS commented
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                    First, welcome to the forums!

                    Unfortunately, Adobe Flash is a fickle beast, and is typically the culprit on load errors. Have you tried the method in Seph's Tech Support thread? I'll link it here:

                  • Gaona
                    Gaona commented
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                    Thanks Max! Happy to be here, looking forward to lurking about and seeing what's in store. Thanks for the link, after following the directions and some fiddling, I managed to get it working in Safari. Chrome never accepted a final destination of a folder, and would always just open the selected folders until it hit a hard stop file. Unfortunate, but hey, at least its working! So thanks for the help and the welcome.

                  • Jefferson
                    Jefferson commented
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                    Just ran a quick test on my copy [Windows 10, Chrome] - working fine.

                  Updated link to HTML5 version. Should help with flash issues.


                    When trying to play the html5 version, all videos won't play, all I get is a white screen and I can do nothing but close the game.


                    • esclavage
                      esclavage commented
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                      maridan48 - I'm not having any trouble. Make sure you're using a browser that can support html5. I'm currently using Google Chrome.

                    Hi, I'm having trouble with the download for the HTML5 version. Upon download, I try to open the amplaunch.html file on Google Chrome. The "Launch" button appears, but when I try to click it, nothing occurs. I tried opening it in another tab, but that doesn't seem to work either. I am using the latest update of Chrome and I use a Mac. I played both Corporate Raider 1 and 2, and I was really looking forward to the third. However, the video links aren't working on the hosted website. Any solutions?