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Corporate Raider 2 - Alexis re-classification help!

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  • Corporate Raider 2 - Alexis re-classification help!

    I've basically maxed everything in CR2 (by shamelessly exploiting Candace's willingness to help), but the "re-classification" button for Alexis refuses to become pressable. Is it glitched, or is there a trick to making it possible?

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    dubsington - this is off the top if my memory so it may be wrong but I believe you need to pass certain Policies first before you can choose to reclassify Alexis.

    Let me know if this helps. If not, I'll try and give a more detailed step by step on the process.


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      Hi, I was actually coming to ask about the same problem

      I have all the policies, talked about everything with everybody, lowered her will to -200 and I still can't click that damn button. What do we miss ?


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        dubsington Nefer - I'm not sure what exactly was missed. I was able to select it without any trouble. Make sure to have the Policy 'Freedom of Choice' selected. You also may need to select 'Reclassification' with Susie first in 'Socialize with Susie'


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          I already have all of this.

          Is it possible that I shouldn't start the lesbian training with Susie before reclassifying alexis ?

          Edit : just tried it, still no results
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