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SelectaCorp Headquarters
Human Resources (Start Here!)
Welcome to the SelectaCorp Family! We recommend you reading the stickied posts in this forum first.
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Information Technology
Not the Genius Bar, but we will do our best to help you with our product.
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Last Post: Password changes
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Developer's Corner
State of the Union - Unity Edition
Updating our Commonwealth into the present
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17 375
Company Man
Corporate Raider Redux: A fresh take on how Selectacorp got it's start
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147 3,794
Writer's Sketchpad (24/1,150)
Gameplay Discussion (44/1,130)
Source Material (22/1,048)
ARCANAs in Progress
Short Vignettes and Reports with minimal choice/gameplay in the Selectacorp field.
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Side Projects
Games mostly written by others and given the Selectacorp look and feel. See each game for full author credit.
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Published Selectacorp Games
Spoils of War 2
The thrilling sequel! Can you manage an army and a harem at the same time? You'll need guts, guile, and guns to succeed in this thrilling strategy game.
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77 1,032
Tech Bench (7/103)
Exec2Sec: Suits to Skirts
The Art of successful female demotion and coerced secretarial seduction.
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Selectacorp: State of the Union
House of Cards meets Future Corporate Order.
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57 843
Rent Control
Do real estate the selectacorp way, and do some women along the way
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46 716
Mysteria Lane
Set your household in order as you learn the tricks of the slave trade. Train your wife to please, your stepdaughter to tease and your career rival to heel. Push them all to the edge of submission and beyond.
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46 951
Spoils of War
Lead your guerilla band to victory over the pale oppressors of Primeva. Sell off their women to upgrade your army or put them to work in your base brothel – or keep them for your own harem!
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9 50
Corporate Raider Games
Plot your path through the corporate jungle, conquer the company Amazons and retrain them as your personal Executive Perks!
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23 250
Published Selectacorp Interactive Fiction
Exec2Sec - Guide to Female Demotion
The classic textbook for ensuring hassle-free female demotion. Required reading for Selectacorp operatives in the corporate sector. Warmly recommended by the Institute of feminology
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Arcana Files
SelectorCorp case files on recruitment and retraining of high quality female product
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Other Selectorcorp Files
Office Memos, mission reports, operational planning, investor prospects and even an App for the mobile buyer
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8 81
Patronus Magazine
The leading Gentleman’s Magazine of the Commonwealth aimed at the responsible female ownership male demographic.
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PA Magazine Universe
The earlier incarnation of Selectacorp was as an editor and creator of the legendary PA magazine.
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The SelectaCorp Think Tank
Idea Pipeline
Propose a game concept you would like to see developed
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Help your fellow experts find material for their inspiration and education in the fine art of women-taming and human resources acquisition. Stories, Books, Websites – anything that might help them become more effective SelectaCorp operatives.
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Real World Events (146/505)
The Members Only Club
Inactive Projects (Hiatus)
Church of Selecta (Hiatus)
Project on hold. Preaching male domination, all in the name of the Lord
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Female welfare office
A interactive Fiction proposal set in the SOTU universe.
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8 120
by Ulver
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by Le_Wang
Platform Update Pilot Project
RESTRICTED FORUM: A pilot project to test new platforms for games and presentations
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