Mineral rights are small change. SelectaCorp was about to make a real score manipulating the hottest IPO of the century… Click image for larger version

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As I reviewed the meticulous, detailed, files on them, I began to feel as if I knew these women. They were completely normal. They weren’t even knock-out beauties– just average, middle class women trying to make their way in the world. Each just trying to scratch out some measure of happiness, love and comfort in a cold, cruel world.

And they would have made out ok– if they hadn’t been selected as prizes to be handed out in the never ending corporate casino game…

I could have warned them but, really, what was the point? I couldn’t have changed their fate any more than I could change the weather.

I watched them helplessly– even while ‘i not e’ probably read with satisfaction– submit to new lives of submission.

Got to hand it to thouse selectacorp propeller heads. Their tech works. They were objectified and their personalities purposely warped to meet the requirements of each of their new masters. You could tell they were still there– underneath all the fake smiles– but they instinctively knew resistance wasn’t an option.

I often wonder if they knew just what kind of trap they were in would have helped them cope better. I even felt sorry for the HR woman– the one who was helping ‘manage’ the women’s transition into corporate slaves. Click image for larger version

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Meanwhile the IPO made many, many billionaires… it was a Wall St. darling in the eyes of investors– and the insiders who were in early… like SelectaCorp.

The Selectacorp analyst seemed as fascinated by the …depravity of the new media executives as I was. I wondered if ‘i not e’ ever responded to the reports and what he or she had to say about them. Any of the men seemed pleasant enough on the surface– but once they had been given unimaginable wealth– and their new toys– they seemed to respond with increasing degrees of sadism.

Over the course of the transition, they seemed to treat the women less as human beings deserving of respect– and more like things that could be stress-tested for laughs and giggles. Click image for larger version

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With all their wealth, they could have found plenty of women willing to do whatever they wanted them to do– perform whatever act they insisted on.

But that’s not the point of having power… having power means being able to make others do things– with hope or reward or not– depending on the status of the underling.

SelectaCorp had grasped this market and run with it– and it was now turning over tens and soon hundreds of millions… they had developed a suite of technology designed to deliver any sadist’s fondest daydream…
Submission is never enough– these racist bastards have to grind them into utter debasement and humiliation.

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Someone needs to give them a taste of what that’s like.

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